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14 Sep 2021

People love to keep items thoughtfully chosen or given by their loved ones in their house. No one wants their family to live in a place that is unsafe. You buy a house to feel safe, keep your belongings and live with your loved ones. Woefully, thieves can interfere in the peace of your home. When your security gets compromised, they take all the valuable items or sometimes destroy the house and hurt you and your loved ones. So, what you should to block intruders to enter your house?

Home safety


It doesn’t make a difference whether you live in Alberta or any other province in Canada or outside Canada, what matters is to stay safe. Following are the steps you can take to prevent a break-in-

If your window shows off that you have valuable items inside your house, it is definite that a burglar will risk making a way to your home.

Here are some tips for maintaining privacy-

  • Keep your valuable items and jewelry in a safe place or in bank.
  • Invest in window filming to reduce visibility from outside.
  • Please do not leave the blinds open at night and always keep a dim light on because it is easy to hide in the dark.
  • Always keep the curtains closed when you leave home and during the night.
  • Be aware of the area and things visible from outside your window. Do not demonstrate to others that you have expensive stuff inside your house.

Garage door easy to knock off

Do not overlook your garage door when considering securing your house. Most often, people keep stuff or park their cars inside the garage. So, if you do not want to lose any of it, contemplate securing your garage. Here are some tips to secure your garage-

  • Install smart garage doors and driveway alarm to never leave the garage door open.
  • Do not keep the garage door key visible in your car.
  • Detach the emergency cord on the garage door because this is an easy way to enter garage.
  • Install a motion- activated lights on each side of garage door.

Think about doors and windows

Very often, the burglars will enter your home through the main entrance or windows. So, keep in mind to permanently securely close the doors and windows when you leave home or even at home. As you cannot always prevent the misshapen but you can add an extra layer of protection to all the entry points, including:

  • Always change the lock when you move into a new home or request your landlord install a new front door lock.
  • You can also install window sensors that will alert you when windows are opened or closed.
  • Consider upgrading to smart locks and video doorbells.
  • If you cannot alter the lock or living at a place outside your house, use a broken fork to secure the door.
  • Install a deadbolt on the front door.
  • Secure the door’s spike plate as they are the weakest part of the door, you can consider investing in reinforce strike plate.
  • Always keep a wooden dowel in the track of your window or sliding door so that even after getting past the lock, the thief will not be able to slide it open.
  • You can invest in burglar bars and install them on all the doors and windows for extra safety.

Be home even if you are not home (confused read below)

Here are some more tricks to bamboozle burglars-

  • Keep your home well-lit inside to outside when you leave home. Do not forget to save energy, you can use solar-powered lights, smart light bulbs.
  • You can also invest in automatic lights that turn on and off when you set a timer.
  • Leave a speaker or television on, and you can use a smart home or timers to save energy.
  • Always clear your packages and mails from the mailbox or porch; otherwise, it clearly shows that you are not at home.
Organize your backyard

Your backyard can become a perfect spot to hide if it is not well maintained and have so many bushes to hide. Here are some tips that you should consider-

  • Do not put any ladders or stools or any item to use for hoping up to higher surfaces.
  • Lit up all the dark corners of your backyard.
  • Never overgrow trees and bushes always trim them timely.
  • Do not leave the backyard sheds open or any other outdoor premises in your backyard.
  • Keep the fencing high enough that increases your privacy and safety.
Socialize with people in your locality

The people living next to your house are always the best response team. Even if you have all the best security systems installed, make your neighbours part of your security. Here are some advantages of friendly locality-

  • It is easy to go on vacation worry-free if you have a friendly neighbour. They can remove debris outside your home, water your plants, and clear your mailbox to make it seem like you are home.
  • Join a neighbourhood watch program to post any disturbance happening in the locality and make others aware and prepared. This will also help you to be aware of crimes happening around your house.
  • Always put a sign of neighbourhood watch on your window to deter intruders.
  • When you have a good relationship with your neighbour, they will always notice if someone unfamiliar is around your house and report you.

Spend some money on security system

Invest in a home security system that can range from a simple alarm system to an advanced one. The system allows you to keep control and check on the cameras and sensors through your smartphone. An alarm system cannot always be reliable, but they are an additional security system.

  • Here are some tips to make your home security system effective-
  • Make sure that your wireless router is secured consider hackers while enabling WPA.
  • Create strong passwords for the security system and hide your home network.
  • Remember to engage the alarm system when you leave home.
  • Always check your alarm system for any disfunction.
  • Conceal the wiring.
  • Whether you have an alarm system or not, do not forget to put a security alarm sign sticker at your entrance.
  • If you have cameras installed around your property, consider installing cameras inside your home. An indoor camera will add more security. You can choose motion detection, night vision, weatherproof cameras.
Home security tips


Above are the precautions you can take to avert the burglary situation and stave off intruders. You can take help from of the security tips and security companies and do not forget to consider home security statistics to keep your life and your home safe. Here are some statistics that shows how unsafe you could be-

Here are some statistics to refer to in case you want to consider security precautions-

  • Canada reports nearly 2.5 million burglaries per year.
  • Big and loud dogs are hinged by 27% people to prevent burglary.
  • 16% of Canadians keep baseball bats or golf clubs to take action if theft happens.
  • Every 90 seconds, a residential house is breached in Canada.
  • Mostly 80% of the break-ins take place during broad daylight.
  • Most burglars enter the home through the ground floor door or window or the basement door or window.
  • Surprisingly, only 12% Canadians rely on smart home security cameras.
  • In 2019, 31% of homeowners and 51% of renters outlined not having home security.
  • Most burglars know their targets and enter without using any sophisticated tools.

Keep your family and house safe and do not hesitate to ask your realtor for home security, crime rates in the locality when purchasing a property. One security system cannot fit all kinds of houses or the size of houses, so always take help of a professional. Consider the above-written tips and tricks to prevent your home from being a target of a thief.

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